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A Brief About LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall

Luxoramall is The First virtual mall with the vision to provide world-class shopping amenities at your fingertips while sitting at home, With easy-to-use services and affordable quality products. our aim is to provide a safe and convenient shopping experience for everyone in the family.


The LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall value proposition revolves around giving consumers and sellers the power and ease of purchasing profit and business online. offering services such as the luxoramall club, What's Trending section, sales and coupon section, and Exhibition Hall, which multiply the chances of customers finding the best-suited products for themselves. 100% genuine servicesthe preferred virtual mall destination in the country. To make online shopping easier for you, a dedicated customer care team is on standby to answer your queries 24x7.


Awarded 'Rajasthan Innovation Leadership of the Year 2022' by World Innovation Congress India
Awarded the 'Best Entrepreneur Award for 2019' by Sakaar Mahilla Vikas Smiti-India Digital Awards 
Received 'DPIIT Recognition of the Year 2020 by Startup India
Received 'Invitation From Google by Mr Apoorva For Presentation of luxoramall in Google Office of the year 2022' by Gurgaon India

Lead Innovation Always

We at luxoramall believe in driving success with innovative solutions. Our goal is to give powerful solutions to thousands of brands that need mobile-ready and customizable solutions to rule the market.


Are you a person with a passion to excel? Whatever your line of profession, we have an opportunity that allows you to follow your dreams. So all the marketing gurus, web designers, developers, testers, nerds, geeks, freshers, and all the others; come, let’s think outside the box together! Push the boundaries, sharpen your skills, be the star that is followed! Join us through this business partner.

Let's Connect With Our Services

The ability to create real human connections is one of the key benefits of social media for business. Introduce your community to your new products, business ideas, and anything and everything you think should be shared to build brand trust and loyalty. In the online world, things move fast—and you can’t afford to be left behind So join luxoramall and stay updated luxoramall Club


Live shopping gives sellers the ability to showcase their products and customers the ability to buy products in real-time.  The feature was designed to connect brands and businesses with consumers by offering an interactive way to sell items, connect with viewers and potentially gain new customers. It is a way to create live-streamed shopping events. You can showcase products in real-world settings, put product details and purchase options front and centre, and interact with your audience directly from your live broadcast.LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall provides you with this golden opportunity where all the sellers go live on our social media platform and showcase their products with all the necessary details. so that customers can have quality checks and can have direct contact with sellers.


luxoramall is India's first virtual exhibition hall where buyers can buy anything and sellers can exhibit their products even if they do not have any rented shops in the mall. If they do, then they can also exhibit and showcase their newly launched products at the exhibition for a period of 3 days. Isn't it sound cool? The LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall gives you all these benefits without any commission charge from the mall. After all, everyone needs a mobile-ready, fast, and easy solution that can help them in every possible situation. Making a change and offering you the best services is our motto. We believe in the supremacy of working together as a team and want you to work with us. The LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall avoids the complexity that comes with shopping online and makes it as easy as possible.

luxoramall CLUB

luxoramall Club was created with a significant benefit in mind: it allows customers to raise and mention questions about the products they received in a luxoramall Club. Customers can mention it there in case they get the wrong product from the supplier. The great and best thing is that it provides you with these benefits without any commission charged by them. It is the best app for shopping because it offers you 10,000 plus products with the best deals and so many other benefits too. You are our LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall member and we consider you a family member, so we always try to help you with our best solutions that can help on every level to grow. LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall aims to provide end-to-end solutions to the problems faced by small businesses who wish to take their business online as well as offline.  You can easily connect with us. You can join us on luxoramall Club to stay updated and for your benefit at this growing stage of your online business.


We offer you a wide range of products with different brands. To adapt to new customer behaviours and preferences, retailers will always need to evaluate their current omnichannel offerings and find opportunities to grab more and more customers. If a seller wants to make popular his newly launched product in a particular market, then he can register that product on our what's trending page and write a description about it. Buyers and sellers here also have permission to write any comments or queries regarding that product. It gives the seller a great opportunity to make his product popular and helpful to customers. You can add new product listings and details about that product on this page for your product growth and to grab customers' attention easily. It is always better to spend time maintaining and improving your existing customers and acquiring new ones by providing them and updating them with your new product. It can help you to expand and grow your online business.


LuxoraMall The First Virtual Mall offers a feature of deals and coupons, which can be useful. It is the must-visit section for all smart shoppers as it helps them to find the best deals on specific products as well as discounts on a website for a given time frame.
A limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period.
Customers who use the virtual mall fund a discount or provide a coupon to customers beyond the item price on selected products. The discounts provided by the luxoramall programme are one of the many ways it helps in ensuring that customers find products at competitive prices. luxoramall fund a discount to customers from seller prices on certain products. This is a limited-time offer. And here you have another benefit. If any of the products or content related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies. The coupon offer will not be valid until it is applied to the qualifying item.